Remember a while ago Dell promised that it would make a touch screen version of its huge XPS One 27 all-in-one computer? Well, looks like they came good on that promise, unveiling what has to be one of the biggest touch screen computers we have seen.

First up is the screen itself, which sits at quad-HD resolution, that is 2560 x 1440. This is important because at 27-inches, Windows 8 can tend to look a bit big and jagged without lots of resolution to play with. Thankfully this isn't an issue with the touch screen XPS One.

Dell has gone for the Apple-style edge-to-edge glass look, now pretty much standard across its entire XPS line of hardware. It looks great and gives the XPS One a very premium feel. We don't really want to say it, but think iMac running on Windows and you have got the right idea. No bad thing though and Dell has definitely nailed it in the build quality department.

This version being fully touch enabled and all - which works brilliantly by the way - has a slightly different stand that allows you to lay the screen nearly flat out. The result is a sort of gigantic Windows 8 slate that you can manipulate with your fingers - great for design types, we would imagine.

Internally the XPS One isn't exactly lacking on power, going all the way up to a 3.1 GHz i7 Ivy Bridge processor with up to 16GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive as well as SSD options. The best graphics you will get inside this thing is a Nvidia GeForce 640m which could make for some pretty top-notch gaming on the XPS One, especially when you think of all that screen size.

As for ports and connectivity, there is plenty to play with including six USB 3.0 ports, an optional Blu-ray player and, of course, HDMI out. It's quite an all-in-one, really, and a far cry from the old days when they were big and sluggish machines. For those after something that has touch control, this might just be the Windows machine to go for. 

Giant touch screen? Any point? What do you think?