(Pocket-lint) - While Dell has been busy upgrading its XPS laptop range, it's also managed to add an all-in-one, sexy desktop computer to its line-up. The Dell XPS One 27 boasts the manufacturer's largest screen to date with an impressive 27-inch display, which Dell claims makes it ideal for all your home entertainment. And an iMac competitor to boot.

Pocket-lint got to see the Dell XPS One 27 in the flesh and though the demo was limited to screen savers (this was some weeks ago, having been restricted by embargos) the quality was excellent. The screen itself is a 16:9 WLED HD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.


With NVIDIA graphics card and Waves Maxx Audio 4 branded speakers, your movie experience should be well catered for. Indeed you have the option of purchasing the XPS One 27 with both a Blu-ray disc drive and an internal TV tuner.

It’s also impressively thin, so if you opt for this as a replacement for your TV, for example, your living room is not going to become too cluttered.


In terms of its computer prowess, we’re looking at third-generation Intel Quad Core processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, while optional extras include an SSD drive. There are also four USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and an HD webcam, with the whole experience running on Microsoft Windows 7.

The Dell XPS One 27 is available from today from www.dell.co.uk with a starting price of £1,299 including VAT and delivery. Is that enough to persuade you trade in your Apple iMac?

Thinking of buying the Dell XPS One 27? Can it compete with an iMac? Tell us why in the comments below...

Writing by Danny Brogan.