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(Pocket-lint) - With gaming graphics becoming more and more advanced, is your current graphics card up to scratch? Creative, working with nVIDIA have taken the PC graphics card one step further with the launch of their Geforce 4 Titanium range and in particular their 4400 card.

Coming with a number of features the card main attribute is that it has 128Mb of 550Mhz DDR (Double Data Rate) memory on board allowing it to create over 1.12 trillion operations a second. Couple that with an 8.8Gb memory bandwidth that allows the graphics to be processed quickly and efficiently and you'll find the days of having to chose the lowest settings in games a thing of the past.

While the large fan and onboard heat sink will cool the card to allow this supreme performance, on the outside the card won't let you down either and alongside the VGA port it also offers a TV socket and a DVI (Digital Video Interface) allowing to connect to any monitor that has a digital output socket.

Showing off the graphics cards abilities shouldn't be a problem and as with all graphics cards from nVIDIA and Creative it comes with a demo CD showing what is capable. Examples here as ever are awe inspiring, the squid and its many tentacles and the werewolf ducking and diving through the shadows both show you what is capable. Demo's are one thing, but what about gameplay?


The Creative 3D Blaster 4 Titanium 4400, given a powerful processor like a P4 to back it up, will give you superb in-game graphics, and games that work especially well to show this are Command and Conquer Renegade and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. These games both allow extensive control of how the card reacts and you won't have a problem running the graphics at the highest settings.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 14 November 2003.