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(Pocket-lint) - Not a great deal has changed with multi-function devices since the first scanner was bolted to the top of an inkjet printer. Essentially you still get the scan, copy fax capability, but now there are plenty of extras thrown in to the deal. The design has been rounded off a bit too.

The Canon MP620 is a multi-function printer from Canon with an impressive feature set and a decent price too. £150 gets you a scanner, printer and copier with wireless, Ethernet and USB connectivity. The printer has five separate ink tanks and a resolution of 9600 x 2400dpi producing images that will last 100 years or so.

The connectivity options mean that you'll be able to share the Canon with more than just one PC easily and wirelessly. It might not seem all that important if your PC is sat next to the printer, but it's great if you have a laptop or computer in another room. If you do have a wired network you can set it up that way too. Essentially there's not much you can't connect the Canon to.

The five separate ink tanks include cyan, magenta, yellow, black and photo black the last of which improves the depth and quality of photo prints. Each tank costs about £12 and is easy to install – idiot-proof in fact. When an inktank is empty a red LED flashes to indicate exactly which one you need to replace.

For a device which packs in so many features, the Canon still manages to look quite sleek. The curved lines and silver-black finish all add to the aesthetic. The main control is hidden under a hinged flap. Here you'll find the main controls and an LCD screen. Those of you familiar with an iPod wheel will instantly feel at home using the device as a very similar device is used here to navigate the on-screen menus. The MP620 is very easy to use and the driver software clear enough for most. Getting to know your way around the Canon is a simple process too.

In use the Canon is very good. It handles text especially well from draft mode to best. In fact, draft mode is more than good enough for general everyday use. It's fast too with a page of A4 standard quality text ready to go in a shade under 9 seconds. Results were just as good with mixed graphics and text with accurate colour and clear, well-defined text.

Photo quality was good too with plenty of detail and accurate saturation to images. Some of our photos had a slight red cast to them, but it's a minor complaint. Scan quality is very good with well detailed and accurate colours captured. Copies were particularly good too and speedily produced.


The build quality, features and output of the Canon are very good. It provides great scans and prints materials to a high standard. For the price, there's very little to grumble about. The wireless connectivity, digital camera memory card reader, and ease of use add to the value of the package too. For humble all-in-one the Canon MP620 is a great device with lots of features it's well worth the money.

Writing by Chris Brennan. Originally published on 23 June 2009.