(Pocket-lint) - Asus has unveiled a few Windows 8.1-powered devices at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. They're 2-in-1s under the Transformer Book Chi series.

Jonney Shih, CEO of Asus, called the new laptops the "ultimate dream machine" and repeatedly compared them to Apple's MacBook Air because they're super thin and super light. But they each uniquely feature a detachable keyboard, which means you can convert them into tablets and truly go mobile.

The T300 is at the top of the line, followed by the T100 and T90 models. The T300 has Core M, where as the other two have Bay Trail Intel CPU. All three are supposed to deliver 8 hours of battery life, which is impressive considering they sport stunning Full HD displays. That said, you can also upgrade to WQHD and get 128GB SSD inside.


From what we could tell during our brief hands-on, there are only a few ports on the sides of these machines. It's obvious that Asus wanted to go ultra slim and had a focus on portability rather than productivity. The company did however include a bonus Office 365 subscription, so you could still use these machines as work laptops.

You can expect them to be available in February starting at $799 for the T300 with HD display, $399 for the T100, and $299 for the T90. All-in-all...we thought they were high quality Windows devices.

And the price tags aren't too bad either.

Writing by Elyse Betters.