Asus are fond of combining devices to give all-in-one solutions, but they appear to have excelled themselves with the newly-announced Transformer Book V5. Pocket-lint was on hand at Computex 2014 to check out this mysteriously epic sounding device.

The device combines the Android smartphone with a 12.5-inch Windows and Android laptop and tablet. Confused? Let's start with the phone which runs Android 4.4 KitKat.

When you dock the phone into the detachable tablet (which runs Windows 8.1) you have the option to switch to Android by tapping the screen. That gives you the option of using the hardware as either an Android tablet or a Windows 8.1 tablet.


Simply dock the tablet into the keyboard to get a laptop, and you again can switch between Windows and Android using a dedicated hardware button. So this really is a bit of everything.

But how does this pan out in practical terms? Well, as you'd expect the phone to tablet docking was fluid. As long as you're comfortable with the rounded protrusion of the phone out of the back of the tablet, there are no worries there. The switch to Android by tapping the screen seemed straightforward and prompt.

Converting from laptop to tablet seemed a little more awkward. We watched two different people struggle to get the mechanism to work straight off. To be fair, you probably wouldn't be trying to undock the tablet from the keyboard singlehandedly in midair, and the nearby engineer assured us that they'd be looking to improve the mechanism before it goes to market.


There were no specs on the weight as a whole, but we managed to get our hands on the V5 in its entirety and while it wasn't super light it felt about right for a hybrid device. We also noted that the Asus demonstrator had no problems handling the tablet with one hand, even in the rather awkward outward facing position.

The LTE enabled phone, with a 5-inch screen, weighs an acceptable 140g and is 11mm thick.

There's plenty of storage with 64GB on the phone, 128GB built-in to the tablet and up to a very respectable 1TB in the dock.


In terms of aesthetics the device seems well put together, other than the detaching button being a little stiff. When the phone is undocked from the tablet the space left is lined with a metallic finish, which looks particularly good on the white version.

Of course we haven't had a chance to really play around with the Transformer Book V, but the first impressions are promising. It is expected to ship to Europe by autumn and prices are yet to be finalised.