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(Pocket-lint) - Acer announced its brand new device, the Iconia dual touchscreen laptop, in New York City and Pocket-lint was in attendance to grab a First Look review of the new dual screen laptop.

What sets this laptop apart is the fact that it has not one, but two 14-inch touchscreens. How? Besides the top touchscreen, the Iconia has a second touchscreen in place of a traditional keyboard. Both display in HD with a 1366 x 768 resolution and are multi-touch functional so you can use all of your fingers to control the device. Coooooooool.

The company states that the dual touchscreen can be used to extend a web page or document to span two screens for better readability, or so you can do two things at once on the different screens.

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Like many of the new tools out there, the Iconia is moving towards a super social state of connectivity with an emphasis on multi-touch processes, multi-touch functions, and multiple brain waves ... at the same time. It’s built upon the idea that consumers want to be watching a movie on the main screen while looking at their social networks on the lower screen. Warning: this laptop may cause the inability to get anything done.

The Iconia is a traditional laptop in the sense that you can type on the touchscreen keyboard to control what’s happening on the main top screen whether you’re typing in a web address or typing up an email. The moment you assume the typing position and you put your five fingers and palms on the lower touch screen the virtual keyboard instantly appears and allows you to type.

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Typing on the virtual keyboard does take some getting used to although like your touchscreen smartphone you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Use another gesture and another set of features will pop up. For example, if you put five fingers and make a grab gesture on the bottom touchscreen, the Acer Ring media player will appear. This ring allows you to scroll through your various pictures, videos, and social networks where you can drag and drop them onto the main screen or open them from the second screen. You can also edit gestures using the Gesture Editor to set customised gestures to launch specific applications.

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Acer is working on its own touch applications for use with this device and similar ones like a TouchBrowser, TouchPhoto, TouchMusic, TouchVideo as well as SocialJogger for Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook as well as My Journal and My Scrapbook.

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My Journal lets you cut and paste titbits of information and plant them into one rich media journal, while My Scrapbook allows for computerised scrap-booking with easy sharing options (think along the lines of creating your own invitation).

To recap

When it comes down to it, we’re not sure if full touchscreen is the path of the future as far as laptops go

Writing by Lydia Leavitt.