We’ve been here before with Acer and the touchscreen-toting, Windows 10-running Swift 7, which was originally announced over two years ago.

Super thin and light, Acer has again shaved off some millimetres and weight but there’s something a little different because there’s a real bump up in power now, too.


  • 92 percent screen-to-body ratio
  • Minimalistic design
  • Webcam now pops up above the keyboard

As with previous variants, the Swift 7 strikes you with its lack of weight and supreme thinness. There are dual-USB-C Thunderbolt ports on one side (also for charging), but that’s the only blemish in a seamless design.

The laptop comes in black and white finishes and Acer is claiming an advance in screen-to-body ratio with this latest version – 92 percent.

Pocket-lintAcer Swift 7 2018 initial review The fanless ultraportable now with dual-core Core i7 image 3

Coincidentally, the display has been made super-strength thanks to Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6. The bezels are less than 3mm, meaning that the laptop measures 318 x 192mm in size.

Because of the bezel size, the webcam has been relocated to the top of the keyboard and now pops up - press to pop it.

Our experience with cameras under the display isn't brilliant, mostly because the viewer can almost see right up your nose! 

Pocket-lintAcer Swift 7 2018 initial review The fanless ultraportable now with dual-core Core i7 image 2

Weight has been shaved slightly as we mentioned and it now clocks in at 890g thanks to the use of magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys in construction.

We were impressed at how little the outside of the laptop attracted fingerprints.


  • Fanless, dual-core i7
  • Gorilla Glass 6 display and Thunderbolt support
  • Up to 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

Swift 7 is a fanless design, but thanks to Intel squeezing dual-core into its latest super-low-power Core i7-8500Y, it means you can now run the Swift 7 without compromising on everyday power.

OK, so you’re going to want something with more grunt for video editing, but for everyday tasks the Swift 7 is an ultraportable dreamboat. (We’ve been using the HP Spectre Folio with the same processor inside for a few days ago and can attest to its prowess).

Pocket-lintAcer Swift 7 2018 initial review The fanless ultraportable now with dual-core Core i7 image 4

The display is as clear and crisp as you’d expect; it’s a Full HD IPS LCD while you can specify two different levels of storage and RAM.

Swift 7 with a touch display is available in April/May with 8GB or 16GB of LDDR3 and either 256GB or 512GB of SSD starting at $1,699/€1,799. There’s no word on UK pricing as yet.

First Impressions

The new Swift 7 capitalises on what was already a compelling proposition, although you will need to be sure that you actually want to pay a premium for portability - you can get something even more capable for significantly less.

The extra power is very welcome and the design has got even better (we think we’d go for white rather than the black we saw, though). But there’s little doubt that it’s also very expensive and we’re wondering how much it may cost in the UK considering the variable economic climate currently. Watch this space, we guess.

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