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(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking for something a little more "flexible" than your average LCD screen, you'll find a fairly limited selection of displays that offer height, tilt and swivel adjustment that are complemented by decent performance and a reasonable price. Benq's V2410T ticks all of these boxes and while it stops short of delivering on all fronts, there's still plenty to like about its latest 24-inch LCD.

With a 16:9 (1920 x 1080) aspect ratio and LED-backlighting the 2410 is impressively slim but necessarily heavy due to the presence of a wide, flat stand that can accommodate its wide range of movement. It does an excellent job in this area and can be hoisted over 20cm from a desk, rotated to portrait orientation, has a 90 degree swivel movement and a 25 degree tilt, with adjustments extremely smooth and easy to make with one hand due to the efficient weight distribution.

This is a key benefit of a display that is otherwise rather basic, sporting almost no defining features on the rather bland, matt-black bezel and omitting HDMI, built-in speakers and USB ports. D-Sub and DVI-D connections are all that come as standard and BenQ utilises a typical arrangement of presets, environment and colour modes to offer flexibility depending on use.

Its proprietary Senseye technology offers previews of some of the environment modes on offer (gaming, movie and photo accompany "standard", "eco" and "sRGB") and we were fairly pleased by the admittedly general adjustments made to help optimise content in these settings. Some tweaking may be required for those with a sharp eye for detail, but contrast levels, colour accuracy and response time were about what we'd expect for a monitor at this price point. While far from outstanding, most will be pleased with the performance on offer, and the built-in eco mode, which saves around 20 per cent, is bright enough to be set as default in most cases.

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As mentioned, Benq's V2410T is quite reasonably priced at around £185, which considering its size and the range of orientation adjustments available makes it very good value for money. Though it's unlikely to win any awards for pure performance, it will still be more than adequate for most audiences and those in a position to take advantage of its key benefits will find very little not to like.


The V2410T is a large, slimline LED-backlit display that will suit those who demand a degree of flexibility without top-notch performance. It does well in most of the key areas and provided its rather basic specifications are sufficient for your needs, this is an impressive general use display at a very reasonable price.

Writing by Paul Lester.