With netbooks being small there is the temptation to just throw them into any bag you have. Whilst this is the great thing about netbooks, it’s better to treat them with a little respect. Pakuma think they have the solution in their Choroka K4, designed specifically for netbooks.

Taking the form of a shoulder bag, the Choroka K4 measures 27 x 19.3 x 25cm, which is fairly small, so will just about take an A4 folder, but if you are carrying a netbook and powerpack, you might struggle to carry much by the way of books at the same time. This might be an issue for students, but you’ll have space to stuff in a clutch of papers along with your other essentials.

Mostly black, with green detailing, the Choroka is fairly conservative in its design, with a large top flap secured with a buckle. The material is a good weight which will stand up to regular use and the quality of construction was good throughout.

The netbook element comes into play with a padded pouch inside the main compartment designed to accommodate a netbook up to 10-inches in size. This pouch is padded with memory foam and we found it to hold a netbook securely. The bag itself does have a padded bottom too, providing an extra level of projection.

With a netbook in the bag there is not much extra space, although you should be able to carry the power pack and peripherals without any problem. On the front of the main compartment you’ll find some extra pockets, although these only fasten with Velcro; there are no zipped pockets on the bag, so some might feel that you want something more secure.

There is a shoulder strap with a padded element, although the strap isn’t very long, so if you like to wear it diagonally across your body you might find it is too short. There is a carrying handle on the top and a mesh pouch on one end for a water bottle.


The Pakuma Choroka K4 is a compact bag for those who like to travel light and have minimised their notebook too. For those to go to meetings, lectures or seminars and don’t need to carry around a whole collection of junk, then this is great. If you need to be transporting additional books or notes, you might find that the Choroka K4 is too small for your requirements.