The last thing you want when you are on the move with your laptop is a big chunky mouse. There are a bewildering array of options vying for your cash, so is the Ci10 Fit mouse from Kensington worth a look?

The Ci10 is a wireless laser notebook mouse, but rather than being one of these ultra mini mice, it is a respectable size, fitting neatly under the hand, unlike some of the smaller notebook mice that are available. Rubbered sides help keep the mouse secure, and with a symmetrical design it favours neither left- or right-handers, offering something for everyone.

It connects via a USB receiver which stows neatly in the bottom of the mouse when not in use and works on the 27MHz frequency. Simply plug it into a spare USB port on your PC and after a brief pause we were using the mouse. The USB dongle isn’t the “nano” style you’ll find on some other devices, but it is fairly slimline, so will fit alongside other USB devices without too much of a problem.

Whilst the footprint of the mouse is still quite large (56 x 108mm), it is slimline, so can be easily slipped into a notebook bag without making too much of a bulge as it doesn’t sit too high off the desk (32mm at the highest point). The underside of the mouse features two non-slip pads, which lets the mouse slide effortlessly over your desk.

But you’ll also find it is not dependent on you having a desk – it isn’t too fussy what surface you use it on and we found it worked on carpet, wood, paper and our legs with no problems. This makes it an appealing proposition for those on the move because you never quite know where you will be operating your PC.

Unfortunately it only has a basic button configuration, so you get the normal left and right buttons, as well as a clickable scroll wheel. A small indicator light lets you know that the mouse is connected briefly and will then come on again when the batteries reach 10% capacity, so you know they need replacing.

The batteries (2x AA, supplied) fit neatly into the underside and promise to give you 6 months of life. You do, however, need to remember to turn the mouse off by sliding a switch which doubles-up as a cover for the laser lens. This switches the mouse off preserving battery life, whilst also keeping dirt out of the optics whilst your mouse kicks around the bottom of your bag.


Whilst there is little to go wrong with the Kensington Ci10 Fit mouse, there is nothing here by the way of advanced features: it doesn’t fold, it doesn’t have back and forward browser buttons, or any extra software-configurable options. That said, if you are looking for a simple mouse that doesn’t need any set-up or installation, then this is a good option.

The light weight makes it good for anyone wanting to save weight whilst on the road, but you might find that it feels a little too lightweight when in use. For this reason, it is probably best kept as a travel companion, rather than a full-time mouse for your desk.