Security is always a big issue and the wonders of the Internet might mean we can get information quickly, but it also means that your PC can catch a cold quickly as well. So can Yoggie's Gatekeeper Card Pro offer protection? We go in search of trouble to find out.

The Gatekeeper Card Pro is an ExpressCard computer that sits in your spare ExpressCard slot and acts as a bouncer to your PC stopping unwanted guests getting in.

It might be smaller than a credit card in size, however that doesn't stop it being powerful: in fact, in one of those crazy "that can't be true" moments, the ExpressCard is actually a full-blown computer with its own processor, memory and hardened operating system.

The premise is simple. You install some software, plug in the card and it does the rest.

There are two versions in the box: standalone and corporate. The corporate version comes with ability to manage the device remotely as part of a security strategy from your IT department's office, while the Standalone variant, which is the more likely one you will be using, lets you have greater control locally.

The software, which on both the PC and the Mac is a web interface with plenty of graphs of varying shapes and sizes. All plan to show you how much risk you would be under without the software and while they are no doubt useful to someone, you'll probably never really look at them, well that is, unless you really like looking at graphs.

Users do not have to worry about updates as the device automatically checks for them each time it connects to the Internet and manages the entire process. Best of all, since it offloads security functionality (including updates) from the host laptop, users should experience a boost in their laptop’s performance.

With minimal install and setup needed, combined with the fact that the ExpressCard is out of sight most of the time, this really is an install and forget piece of technology.

The Linux-based computer comes with 13 built-in security applications in an attempt to cover all bases.

Basically it will block all internet threats (it's a bridge remember), hide the laptop from hackers via a stealth mode, boosts the laptop’s performance, protects you from known as well as unknown attacks, and then goes about offering you Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spam, Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System, Firewall (stateful inspection), Web Filtering and Parental Content Control.

So why would you actually need it? Chances are you've got your home wireless network sealed tight for security breaches, but what about the internet café you use down the road, or that hotel you stay in when you travel to Eastern Europe? The idea is that it is at these times when you might need a little extra protection without software applications slowing your computer down.


This will make sure that if their name's not down they aren't coming in.

While Mac users probably won't find a need for the Mac version as much as the PC offering, PC users worried about security and virus threats will benefit, and benefit massively.

Promising "Pentagon level protection in the palm of your hand" the Yoggie Gatekeeper Card Pro does a great job of keeping your gate safe.

This isn't going to be for everyone and of course doesn't protect you against viruses from other methods other than those coming in via the Internet, but if you travel to places and use wireless networks where you aren't so sure if you are being monitored, spied on, this is a must.