10 years ago the need to carry around 500GB of storage in your pocket wasn't really a requirement for your average computer user. However with video files, images and a plethora of other multimedia assets, Fujitsu think that its 500GB handy drive will be just the answer, but is it?

Small, black and glossy, the HandyDrive measures 22 x 82 x 141.5mm making it smaller than your average paperback book. Before you start to wonder how big the power pack is, there isn't one. The measurements are what they are. Power is provided by a USB 2.0 cable, while those lacking a USB 2.0 socket can use an additional specially adapted USB cable included in the box to draw power from a second USB socket.

Beyond a single status light, everything is controlled via software. The hard drive is formatted for the PC, however will work with Mac from the get go, although Apple Mac users won't be able to use the included free software.

For PC users you get a Hard Disk Password Lock Tool and a Hard Disk Format Tool, both of which are basic and both of which you'll be able to live without.

There are downsides of course. The case build isn't that tough and carrying around 500GB in your pocket won't give you the fastest hard drive out there. The Fujitsu HandyDrive offers a drive speed of 4200rpm compared to Buffalo’s 500GB MiniStation TurboUSB which offers 5400rpm.

That 4200rpm means that it takes 1 minute 47 seconds to transfer a 2GB file. Not too bad, but not super fast.


500GB for £125 is good in anyone's books, however while the same sized Buffalo MiniStation costs around £30 more, it will offer you faster transfer speeds.

If you aren't fussed about the speed, then this cheaper option will give you a massive amount of storage on the hoof for a price that's not too bad.