(Pocket-lint) - Eastpak has recognised that notebook users are getting younger and more fashionable and don’t want to carry their portable around in something that looks like a briefcase. So, this shoulder bag comes in a range of colours and designs from pin-stripes to camouflage.

It’s a great looking bag and comes with a sturdy and well attached shoulder strap. We’d have liked a bit more padding on it but as long as you’re not lugging too much stuff around, it’s not too much of a problem.

Made from heavy duty canvas, you won’t want to use this in heavy rainfall, as it doesn’t seem waterproof enough for the long-haul. However, for use around town it seems more than tough enough. For all its pretensions of being a versatile notebook bag, we expect this bag will get used by students or those who need something for the daily commute.

In the past we’ve been a little wary of Eastpak bags for carrying notebooks around, as many of their bags lack proper protection. However, the Parker comes with a padded pocket inside for putting your notebook inside – it’ll hold a 15-inch MacBook comfortably but you’ll struggle to get anything larger inside.

However, the main selling point with this bag is the number of pockets and small compartments stashed around, so you’ll easily be able to pack your portable PC and all your daily kit in. There is even a pocket on the side for stowing a water bottle.


The Eastpak Parker is a great sized over-the-shoulder notebook bag that has plenty of pockets and compartments, which makes this the ideal bag for the daily grind.

Writing by Mike Browne.