There seems to be no end to the number of USB memory sticks being released of late. This is due to the fall in the price of Flash memory, making them better value for money than ever before.

The Verbatim Executive measures 62 x 21 x 10mm and packs 8GB of storage. To be fair, it’s not the slimmest of memory sticks but it has a neat slider you push to access the USB connector.

In a bid to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack, this stick opts for speed over a cheap price. Verbatim is claiming a write speed of12Mbps and a read speed of 30Mbps. This is impressive and puts on a par with the fastest USB keys from Buffalo.

We put it to the test and found we could transfer 1GB of data to the key in 131 seconds (the Buffalo Super High Speed USB Flash Type R took 72 seconds and is a more expensive offering). This was slower than we were expecting but is still a relatively quick time.

Adding to the Executive aspect of the key there is 128-bit encryption onboard that uses the CarryItEasy software tool. If this software was bought on its own it would cost £20.


The Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB Executive isn’t the slimmest or cheapest USB memory stick on the market but it’s not aimed at the value sector but at the user looking to share large amounts of data quickly and easily. The added software makes this a great tool if you’re worried about software but we just wish the stick was a little slimmer.