Most notebooks ship with a carry case of some sort but they tend to be a little cheap and basic so it pays to invest in something a little sturdier. Crumpler is one of the more unconventional but desirable brands out there with a range that covers all sizes of notebooks.

If you need to carry a lot of stuff with you a backpack makes perfect sense. As the name suggests, this is a big bag that is shaped like a large distended stomach. The large main compartment opens for easy access to your kit.

As with all Crumpler bags, the value is in the detail. Made from what the company calls Chicken Tex Supreme hyper performance accessory fabric, this is as tough as notebook bag as you'll ever need.

The shoulder straps are neatly made as part of the bag, so feel really secure. Extremely well padded they don’t offer much in the way of manoeuvrability but the bag is really comfortable to carry around on your back.

You can choose from a variety of sizes but the Large we were sent measures 36 x 48 x 26cm and comes with a padded pouch inside that will hold notebooks between 12- and 15-inches.

There are two side pockets: one designed for your water bottle, while the second is padded to protect you MP3 player, digital camera or similar gadgets.


The Crumpler Belly isn't cheap by any means but if you're serious about travelling then it's an investment well worth making. This bag is big and strong enough to carry all you need in comfort.