Ladies, just because you've been asked to carry a notebook around by your employer doesn't mean you need to lose that female edge as this latest carry case from Kensington proves.

There is no mistaking its feminine styling, as the shape manages to echo your favourite Zucchino design with large carry handles, for scooping over your forearm, as well as an oversized shoulder strap.

The bag is black with white stitching with a light scrolling design on the inner sections, which looks sophisticated without being too fussy. The material used is nylon but it's not heavy-weight like you'll find on a man's notebook case, so doesn't look as businesslike. That said, we found it tough enough and well made, so Kensington hasn't skimped on the build quality.

When it comes to being practical, you'll find your notebook fits into a central compartment, which helps distribute the weight evenly. Simply pull the handles apart and pull out your notebook. The pocket is extremely well padded, much more so than we were expecting.

It'll hold a machine up to 15-inches in size with ease but we found that a 13.3-inch notebook felt the most comfortable and balanced.

Alongside the notebook pocket, there are large pockets either side for all your papers and other extras. Each compartment has its own zip, so you only need to open the pocket you need at any one time.


The Kensington Contour Balance Notebook Case is a great compromise between form and function. It's businesslike without being austere and feminine without being impractical to use with your notebook. Overall, it's a winning combination.