What does your USB memory key say about you? If you're like us, then it's a question you're not likely to have asked yourself. After all, it's merely a tool for swapping and sharing files between machines, isn't it?

PNY feels that women should show their feminine side and has responded with the release of the Lady Flash. It's the same design as its standard Attaché line, so it comes with an integrated cap.

What gives it the female touch, is the pattern up the body, which is roses on a pastel background. It's not exactly pushing the design envelope but as a gimmick it's certainly grabbed the headlines. To get the USB head out you pull the cap and twist the body out. It's a neat design and means you won't lose the lid, which can be annoying.

It comes with 4GB of storage space, which is more than enough for most people and at this price represents great value for money. Data transfer rates are acceptable rather than lighting fast, as we managed to swap 1GB of files in 130 seconds.

It doesn't come with any software pre-loaded, so simply acts as a large storage drive. However, it is fast enough to use as a Windows ReadyBoost device, so it'll help speed up Windows Vista boot times.


The PNY Attaché Lady Flash offers plenty of storage at a reasonable price and works well enough. While we're not convinced women will be won over by the design, it's an interesting idea and look forward to see how the company develops it.