There is nothing particularly new about a USB pen drive and as the price of flash has dropped considerably of late, it's now possible to pick up a 4GB one for less than £20.

At first appearances, this makes the latest pen drive from Buffalo all the more unusual. In order to differentiate itself from other devices on the market, Buffalo is clearly playing the capacity and speed angle.

Pitched at those who need fast access to a large number of files, this 16GB key is aimed at business users rather than the casual buyer who shares the odd file between computers.

This isn't a small device by any definition and uses the same body design that has been around for a couple of years. In comparison, it is twice the size of the SanDisk Tag (recently reviewed) and feels awkward in the pocket.

However, when it comes to capacity and speed there is really no faulting the performance of this key. In our standard 1GB test, it managed to copy the files in 72 seconds, which is amazingly fast, as the SanDisk Tag took 98 seconds to perform the same task.

When it comes to extras, you'll find Secure LockWare software has been pre-installed, which helps encrypt and lockdown you data. This is something that is vital when you're potentially carrying your entire work history with you.


Sure, the Buffalo Super High Speed USB Flash Type R is expensive but if you're simply looking for a cheap memory key, this isn't for you. It's fast and reliable and if that is important to you, this is a great device – we just wish it was smaller.