With most notebook carry cases made for the urban commute, the Xtreme aims to offer the regular traveller a little more, both in space, as well as rugged design.

As the name suggests, the Xtreme is built for rugged use as well as extremes of weather. It even comes with its own waterproof skin, so if you find yourself in truly adverse conditions, you can protect the already well-protected bag further.

This isn't a small commuter bag but a big rucksack capable of housing a notebook up to 15.4-inches with relative comfort. Dicota have put a great deal of thought in to the placement of the pockets.

For instance, you hide your notebook away under the shoulder straps, which limits the chance of casual theft as well as holding the machine in the most stable part of the bag.

The remaining two major compartments are both large enough to hold your extra kit, as well as enough clothing to keep you on the road for a couple of days. There is even a foil-lined side pocket designed for keeping drinks cool, ideal for when you’re walking in warmer climates.

The build quality is simply amazing. Made from thick nylon the bag is tough as nails but there is sufficient padding and support to make it comfortable when carrying it on your back. The shoulder straps are big but thanks to the padding, don't cut into your shoulders and we found it easy to carry around.


The Dicota BacPac Xtreme won't suit those who need a carry case for the office but if you need to hit the road for longer periods this will protect your portable and deliver enough space for all your extras too.