There are times when the average notebook user wishes they had a backup battery. The answer lies in the Ansmann Portable Power Pack as it allows you to charge you system when on the move.

The battery pack is slim and can be slipped in to your carry case with the minimum of fuss. It isn't exactly light, weighing 900g, but it's a fair trade-off for what it has to offer.

There are two varieties on offer, one for Windows users and another for Apple PowerBooks and iBooks. Both work in exactly the same way but the difference is the range of adapters that are shipped, with the Apple version being more specific.

When charging you'll find an LED light flashing, as would the light on your notebook. There are also lights to indicate how much charge is left in the pack itself, which is necessary if you're relying on it for a final top-up.

We found that it took close to 6 hours to charge the battery, which is a little slow. However, it does allow you to fully charge your notebook twice using the pack before it needs to be recharged.

The only problem we could find with the device is the actual price, which is close to twice that of a replacement battery for most notebooks. True, it offers twice the power so there is a corresponding pay-off but we'd like the pack a lot more if it were cheaper.


If you work away from mains power for long periods of the day and can afford to add the extra weight to your mobile kit, the Ansmann Portable Power Pack Notebook is a great addition, we're just worried the price will deter most customers.