Almost every notebook rucksack you'll see is advertised to fit large machines measuring 15 inches or above, which makes this latest bag from Techair all the more interesting.

Designed for use with 13.3-in machines, it's great for those who own a MacBook or similarly an ultraportable Windows machine. It's compact so can be used as an everyday bag for commute or for overnight travels.

The colour is a little muted, being grey and pale blue but it has three good sized compartments, the middle of which is for your notebook, the rear for papers and the larger front pocket your other essentials.

There is a small carrying handle on the top of the bag that feels firm to the touch and can be used for carting your stuff around when it’s not on your back.

The shoulder straps are small but have plenty of padding and we found them comfortable even when carrying a large load around for long portions of the day. In fact, we were happy with how easy it was to get around London during the commute with this rucksack, which isn’t always the case.

The notebook section is well padded and our test machine fit snugly in with no trouble at all. The bottom of the compartment has a special air-cell that will easily absorb any shock should you drop the bag.

We were surprised by how much space there actually is with this rucksack. Each pocket is roomy with any number of smaller pockets and dividers.


The Techair 3708 is a tough and versatile bag for anyone who has invested in an ultraportable but needs something a little more rugged than a standard notebook carry case.