How many gadgets do you carry around on a daily basis? There’s your mobile phone, music player and if you drive, even your satnav device. Inevitably, we're using our mobile gadgets for longer periods away from the home. This means we have to take an increasing number of chargers away with us.

If you drive and want to power, or simply charge, your portables while you're travelling this handy device from Kensington will help.

One end fits into your car's cigarette lighter while the other sports a USB port. It works with your iPod or similar MP3 player, Game Boy or just about any other gadget that can be charged using USB.

If you always charge using USB on your PC then it's simply a case of using the charger cable that comes with your gadget. However, if your charger has a standard plug, Kensington offer a range of USB Tips, which are sold seperately, that allow such devices to be attached.

It doesn’t work with all devices but Kensington is already updating the list of devices it supports, so it's worth checking the website before you buy.

When we tested it out it worked extremely well. It’s not exactly rocket science and if you already use the cigarette lighter to power your satnav there is a conflict of interest. Perhaps the best solution would have been to have two USB ports on the charger.


The Kensington Auto Power Adapter with USB Power Port is a simple device that is easy to use and makes charging your devices on the move a lot easier to do.