The biggest problem facing the mobile user is having enough power for your notebook and all your peripherals when out and about.

If you’re a frequent traveller, this multi-purpose recharger from Trust is a great all-round solution. While mainly designed for use with notebooks, it also offers simultaneous connections with your mobile phone, PSP and even iPod.

The powerbrick is on the large size and is rather heavy but it comes with a voltage meter, so can be used with a wide variety of devices. You can plug it into mains power to charge your devices, equally there are connections for when you are on a plane, or even a cigarette lighter connection for when travelling by car.

There is a connector for linking up to your notebook and a host of power lead connectors, so all leading brands of notebooks are covered. It’s best to check with the website that your machine is covered but most brands are represented. If you have any devices that can be charged using mini-USB even this is catered for.

There are so many connectors bundled with the device, we initially found it a little confusing but once you’ve stripped it down to just the ones you need, it’s a lot less hassle to get to grips with.


The Trust Notebook Power Adapter isn’t the slimmest solution on the market but it’s certainly one of the most rounded. If you never know where your next charge is coming from, this solution neatly covers all the bases, making it an essential purchase.