With notebooks becoming ever more visible on the daily commute, and a recent survey stating that 89% of burglars targeted notebooks during a break-in, the risk of theft is ever more present. The Targus Defcon 1 is a lock and theft-deterrent in one small package that can be used on the move, or when you’re working at a desk.

It's the only device we've seen that combines a steel cable with motion sensor technology. The four-digit tumbler lock is configurable, so offers over 10,000 number variations, so can’t be easily cracked by the casual thief.

So, you can attach the 0.9-metre cable to some immovable object, such as an airport chair or even to your desk and anyone attempting to move your notebook, or trying to cut the cable, will be sensed by the monitor.

This sensor is attached to an alarm that sends out a 110-decibel distress signal. As you would expect this isn't something you want to test too often, as we found it an ear-piercing screech. The idea being the thief would rather leave the bag than run away with it.

A small LED indicator light displays an alarm status, which gives a slight audible chirp when the lock is moved before the full alarm sounds.


The Defcon 1 series has been a leading security device for years and this latest version is easily the most impressive as Targus has kept the security high but deduced the size of the lock.