If you're not keen on using the trackpad or "nipple" on your laptop then you've got to get yourself a small mouse to use when your on the move. But according to Newton Peripherals that means another bit of kit in your bag, or does it?

It believes it has answer and more with the MoGo Mouse X54 Pro. We get clicking to find out.

One of the main benefits here over other mice from the likes of Microsoft or Logitech is that it has been designed for laptops that are equipped with an ExpressCard/54 slot.

The mouse fits into the available slot for charging and travelling saving you having to put yet another device in your bag.

Storage and charging out of the way, the mouse itself, connected via Bluetooth, is small and flat with a kickstand that enables it to be transformed from a flat metallic card to a portable mouse. There are two indented finger pads on the mouse to help usability and a scrolling touch pad down the middle.

It's not something that you would want to use on a regular basis, but it's comfortable enough to get you out of trouble.

Those worried about battery life shouldn't be, an auto-on feature saves you the bother of turning it on and off and Newton Peripherals promises a days work of battery life from a single charge. In our tests we found this is the case, however you'll never want to use it for a whole day at a go.

Understanding that you'll most likely be doing presentations when your on the road, the X54 PRO features a mode that allows it to double up as a presentation clicker complete with laser for pointing at stuff or sending the cat crazy.


With no software drivers, the only requirement here is Bluetooth and an ExpressCard/54 slot on your laptop.

The innovative approach to getting the mouse in your bag without adding to your overall clutter will appeal to plenty of businessmen, and one that if you really can't cope with that nipple or trackpad worth a closer look.

How does it compare to the competition? Well it's certainly not as comfortable, but at least it will save you some space.