Hard drives aren't the most exciting thing are they? However with more of our lives becoming digital you're probably finding that the once large and expansive hard drive you have in your computer is running out of space.

Hard drive makers WiebeTech believes it might have the answer with its ToughTech Mini range; a small hard drive slightly bigger than a pack of playing cards that is encased in a tough metal shell and ideal for carrying around with you on the go.

Coming in two sizes of drives; a 250GB and 200GB model, the smallish drive packs plenty of storage space alongside a triple interface allowing you to connect it to virtually any computer around.

In terms of connectivity the ToughTech mini provides dual FireWire 800 ports, a single FireWire 400 port and single USB2 port.

Power comes either via the wall, or if you are connecting via Firewire, the cable, and you'll be pleased to hear that you get all the cables you need to get you started for your £249.95 for 250GB and £262.95 for the 200GB models.

Performance wise and the drives are standard HDD spec. The larger storage drive of the two sports a 5400rpm drive speed while the smaller 200GB model a faster 7200rpm offering.


With no gimmicks, the WiebeTech ToughTech mini drive concentrates on getting the job at hand done; ie giving you more storage and a host of connection options.

If you're not fussed about the extra 50GB of storage our bet would be for the 200GB model purely because you get the faster drive.

Still with its Tough metal casing this is one drive that lives up to its name.