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(Pocket-lint) - Travelling and being such a gadget fiend can have its problems. If you're like us, going a trip means a battle between clothes and chargers (geeky I know).

Unless you opt to charge everything via USB (which presents you with its own set of pros and cons) you've got a plug for your camera, one for your laptop, one for your phone, maybe your iPod, maybe your PDA, and maybe if you're going longhaul a handheld games console as well.

In steps the iGo Everywhere, an attempt by its makers to solve your gadget powering needs on the move.

Like previous offerings from the company, the iGo tries to save space by offering you multiple tips (sold separately) that you can then pack in your bag instead of yet another plug.

We tried the charger with an iPod tip and Sony Ericsson tip, but you can get them for most mainstream gadgets from laptops to BlackBerrys to digital cameras and games consoles.

With European, US and UK plugs as well as a car adapter in the bag as well, you don't even have to worry about an adapter for it, and the cable even comes in a space saving roll up self-coiler.

So why aren't we as excited as we should be? Well because you can only charge one device at a time.


In what is a major stumbling block for the device, you might save space in your bag on the trip but unless you have as many nights as you do gadgets we can see you could be caught short by the iGo Everywhere.

The other catch is the price. The £35 starting price might seem like a good deal, but you've then got to factor in the £5 charge for every tip you buy. As you can imagine, this can become a very expensive option indeed.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 27 April 2007.