Be-ez is bringing two new laptop bags to the UK in an effort to expand from the iPod cases and laptop sleeves that are currently on offer. We got our hands on the LE13 and the LEvertigo models to see how they hold up against the competition.

The LE13 is advertised as being able to transform from a laptop case into a mini-suitcase, but in reality you have to be a very light packer indeed to get everything in for a night away - most men could probably do it, but ladies may struggle. It fits small and compact notebook computers like the MacBook, but MacBook Pro owners, and therefore laptop owners with screens over 15-inches, are out of luck.

The outside has a plain and functional look, but the case unzips to reveal a bright splash of turquoise lining. Pockets galore ensure that you can stow all your little stuff safely and securely, although it might take a bit of searching to find them.

The main pocket holds the laptop in a sling, leaving room for clothes in front of it. On the outside is a velcro-closed pocket for documents, with fliptop pocket in the front with pockets for credit cards and the like, although it's debatable if your valuables will be safe under such an easily-lifted flap.

At the rear is another document zipper enclosure, which is quite slim.

The strap looks like an airline seatbelt, made of the same slippery-feeling material that unfortunately slides all too easily off the shoulder, and has no padding.

The LEvertigo fairs slightly better than the LE13, but this is not the tote for the businessman on an overnight trip. The unusual design means that you slip your 15-inch notebook vertically rather than horizontally into the case, which keeps your silhouette streamlined.

It's an extremely slim case, with room for a few documents, the powercord (barely) and a few other odds and ends that can be stored in various zippered pockets.

The inside is lined with a rather plush velvety fabric that cushions your precious laptop and just feels good. The outside edges have been covered in a plasticy finish that doesn't scream quality, but perhaps you're not trying to draw attention to the kit you're carrying. And it's also blighted by the non-padded seatbelt strap.


Overall, the two notebook cases fair quite well, but they're average rather than special, and are designed for function rather than aesthics.