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(Pocket-lint) - A USB hub, that's pretty dull isn't it, and we would fully agree with you, but then the Lindy USB2.0 Mini Hub landed on our desk here at Pocket-lint.

At just 4cm by 4cm by 0.9cm (that's about the size of a book of matches) this has got to be one of the smallest USB hubs we've seen at Pocket-lint and made us intrigued enough to see if it worked as it said.

Made using a tough metal grill design, that gives it a very industrial look and feel, what's impressive here is that amazingly you get four USB2.0 sockets for your buck and the unit connects to your computer via an 80cm cable that comes out the side.

What's more, because power is supplied by a standard USB2.0 cable, you don't need a separate AC power adapter. This makes it ideal for travelling notebook users looking to add four more USB2.0 ports to their current offering without a stack of cables to match and Lindy state that the hub can power everything from Keyboards to Printers and external drives.

In our tests we had no problems connecting and running anything from the device and we tried it with a printer, MP3 player, USB drive and mouse all at the same time.


Nice things come in small packages and while USB hubs are dull as dish water the Lindy USB2.0 Mini Hub works and works well.

Top marks.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 11 October 2006.