A laptop without power is a heavy paperweight, so Kensington has launched a new mutli-use power adapter that offers charging capability for the Apple PowerBook, iBook and the iPod all in one.

Open the box and you are presented with the main power unit, UK and European plugs, an adapter for the car as well as plane and three power socket adapters to fit the PowerBook, iBook and iPod.

In practice the power adapter works as you would expect it to and at £90 - £30 more than the standard Apple power supply - you are really paying for the additional car lighter adapter.

The kit does expand to include other items including most mobile phones, however these tips are available as an optional extra.

While you can charge up to three different devices (initially), you can only charge them one at a time, which for us is a one of the major drawbacks of this device.

Unlike the Juice Go power charger you can't charge two items at once and when we travel this is one of the major things we want in a charger.


At £30 more than the standard Apple charger your really must have to the urge to charge your PowerBook, iBook or iPod in the car to make use of this over the charger you get in the box.

While you can charge multiple devices with this unit, what would have made it really stand out from the crowd would have been its ability to charge my phone, iPod and laptop in one go at the same time. Add to that the ability to charge your digital camera and this would have been a must have device for the travelling businessman. As it is, You'll still have to pack multiple chargers and multiple power adapters if you are travelling and need power.