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(Pocket-lint) - Rugged computers, rugged laptops - the world is a tough place. That’s why PNY obviously think we need a rugged USB memory stick that will withstand the daily grind of an adventurer’s life. Pocket-lint gets down and dirty to find out whether it’s tough enough to withstand a beating.

Available in three sizes; 256Mb, 512Mb and 1Gb, we tested the 1Gb model. The back of the box says it's crash-proof and weather-proof making it the perfect companion for cycling to the office or backpacking around the world. Its outer shell is made entirely of rubber material and there is even a toggle so you don’t lose the cap when using it.

Not wanting to turn down a challenge we set about seeing how far we could push the “tough” USB stick.

The first test was to see how it would perform after being dropped in a puddle. As we didn’t have a puddle to hand, we had to improvise with a dog’s bowl of water. The unit passed with flying colours. PNY Outdoor 1 - Pocket-lint.co.uk 0.

Next we tried throwing it across the room as hard as we could into a brick wall. Again it passed with not even a scratch. PNY Outdoor 2 - Pocket-lint.co.uk 0.

Deciding to get a bit tougher we opted to throw it out of a second storey building onto the tarmac below. Could the USB stick withstand the drop? It bounced like a rubber ball. That would be that rubber casing then. PNY Outdoor 3 - Pocket-lint.co.uk 0.

Losing faster than we liked to admit and not wanting to be beaten by a USB stick, we opted for the final test. Running it over with the office Land Rover. Hey both profess to be rugged and every adventurer needs to have a 4x4 nearby. The outcome? After two attempts the PNY memory stick still worked. Defeated we gave up.


We aren't sure why you would want such a rugged USB stick, but whatever the reason the PNY has certainly proved itself to us in our tests. It survived a dunking in water, being thrown at a wall and even being run over by a car, TWICE.

If you want tough, this will give it to you.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 6 October 2005.