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(Pocket-lint) - There are two types of laptop users, the ones that just use them to save space in the home and the other that actually travel the world with them. If you are the latter then chances are you need a good bag.

Now you could argue that turning up at your local train station with a bag that says “Look I’ve got an expensive laptop in here” isn’t the best option and you would be right. That’s why Tech Air’s Messenger Air Bag looks nothing like a laptop bag - until you open it up.

The outside looks like any other plush messenger bag. A big Velcro-tipped flap, a long over-the-shoulder strap, a swish of orange on teal to spruce things up and a handy handle for carrying it like a briefcase.

Inside however, it’s a different story. The bag has been portioned into two main compartments; one for your paperwork and the other for your 15.4in laptop. The laptop pocket is heavily cushioned in what the blurb says is “a clever and completely unique piece of design that lovingly wraps your laptop in air cells to disperse the impact if dropped”.

For the good and glory of our readers we bundled in the latest shiny laptop we’d received into for testing and kicked it around to see whether the Tech Air Messenger could stand the impact. So far, so good. An included elasticated strap that allows you to secure your notebook further helps the laptop’s ultimate protection.

But it’s not just about protection. The Messenger offers plenty more. There are also six CD pockets inside for your most treasured software or music as well as an extra zipped area for paperwork you want to keep separate and a pouch for pens. Then there is the “M-Port” which basically translates to a hole in the top of the bag for a cable to snake through - think MP3 player or whatever you fancy.

The final killer app here is Tech Air’s belief in the goodness of people’s hearts and the bag comes signed up to six months i-TRAK subscription.

Should you lose your laptop bag, the i-TRAK system provides a unique identification code for both bag and laptop, so anyone who finds the luggage can immediately and anonymously inform you of its location, significantly increasing the chance of finding its way back to you (if they’re honest).


What we like most are the finishing touches and the attention to detail. The bag doesn’t come across as just another laptop bag or just another laptop bag from a cheap manufacturer somewhere in the Far East.

Storage wise there’s plenty on offer, and the only criticism we would have is that everything is a little over padded - then again if we dropped it for real and not for the sake of testing it, we wouldn’t be moaning if our laptop was still in one piece.

If you are looking for protection this is the place to get it, for you laptop of course.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 7 September 2005.