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(Pocket-lint) - When impressions really matter, and your wardrobe is more coordinated than the spoilers of a F1 racing car, then you are going to want something as special to move you laptop around.

Enter Knomo. Targeting the travelling professional and the fashion conscious urbanite, the designers has come up with 6 stylist and innovative computer bags to make you salivate in time for Christmas.

Each of the six models is named after our furry friends, "The Wombles", which keeping in the spirit of travel are six place names. Both male and female designs are offered and styles from messengers' bags to handbags have been drawn on for inspiration. The bags are created by the same factory that creates the Tumi range, and are fashioned in the main from fine grade leather. Knomo have also emulated Tumi's tracking-tag system, so each Knomo bag can be followed online and returned if found.

The computer rests inside a quilted, removable document pouch, whose looks lend themselves heavily to the country or equestrian ranges you would expect to see from designers such as Barbour. Also included is a 'bundle bag' for cables or peripherals. Naturally the bags are fully padded to protect their precious bundle. Each bag comes with a full two-year guarantee, although while you have you credit card out you may want to buy a can of ‘Scotchgaurd' as you'll want to keep the leather looking its best.


Overall, these are some of the nicest computer bags I've recently seen. If you want to look the business right the way down to the computer that holds the presentation that will win you the business, then it's Knomo all the way. New models and colours will be available from 2005.

Writing by Charlie Brewer. Originally published on 25 October 2004.