The NEC LCD3000 is a 30” LCD flat panel monitor ideal for watching movies, playing games or to simply use for office presentations.

While this monitor is very large, the actually space it will take up is minimal. This is possible because the screen doesn't rely on a Cathode Ray Tube to create an image and therefore doesn't need the same depth. Better still it means that it can be hung on a wall out the way to give even more space to other things in your office or living room.

While the NEC LCD3000 isn't the only large LCD monitor out there, it does offer a wide-angle viewing and a good alternative to a plasma screen. Additionally you can choose to connect your DVD player, games console or camcorder up to the device and view two sources at once with the picture in picture option.


Whether it was writing this review, playing Halo on the X-Box, or watching the Matrix on DVD, the screen coped admirably with all the information we could throw at it - something which not all LCD screens can cope with. That combined with its sleek black casing, remote control for added features and setup makes this a great big monitor to have if you’ve got the cash.