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(Pocket-lint) - Whether it's computers, USB keyring drives or keyboards, it seems the days of just being able to do one thing and one thing only has long gone.

The same applies to the latest 17” TN-TFT monitor from CTX. The M730V however doesn't just offer SVGA output for your PC. In a world of multi-tasking, this monitor has the ability to take a composite or s-video signal from your DVD player, games console or Camcorder.

But just like a tacky advertising promotion there is more, and the monitor also features a built-in webcam (640x480), microphone and twin speakers. For the well connected the monitor also features USB2.0 sockets and a DVI & D-15 PC input.

Moulded in a slick black and silver finish, the base is strong and sturdy, although you can use the wall mounting brackets to do just that. The monitor has ease of use at the heart of its purpose, USB sockets can be found at the front along with a headphone and volume control dial. Accessing menu systems for further set up is all done from the front, as is the small button that allows you to transfer signals from video to PC. For the work and media conscious the monitor also offers picture-in-picture functionality.


The image was crisp and sharp on both the PC and composite source. The concept of having your monitor do more than one thing isn't the newest idea on the block, however it's one that CTX has managed to execute well.

Including the webcam does save space on your desktop, but then is perhaps an unnecessary attachment and one that has been included to appeal to the video conferencing fan. The speakers however, while on the surface seem unimpressive and a tad pointless, become a great asset to users of console or DVD players making this suddenly a very valuable option. For the space conscious this monitor will do just that.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 14 November 2003.