We last caught sight of the Gigabyte Brix pocket PC at last year's Intel Developer Forum. For 2014 the company has introduced a new, higher-power model named the Gigabyte Brix Gaming.

No prizes for guessing what it's designed for. Yep, gaming - glorious gaming. Tucked within that lime green and black aluminium chassis is a discrete graphics chip - an Nvidia GeForce GTXTM 760 no less. That brings with it 6GB of DDR5 memory that, paired with the Intel Core i5 chip clocked at 2.8Ghz (it's the i5-4200H), should deliver some serious performance. Indeed, that's enough to support up to 4K resolutions.

But we have to say "should" be a serious performer because we've not seen this particular Brix in operation at this IDF. Even so, that green colour - which we think is befitting of the Nvidia brand within - looks very cool so we had to show it off in these pictures.


How hot the Brix will get and how much noise it will make we can't tell you. What we can confirm is that in addition to all the usual ports that you'll need there's also a dual mini HDMI out and even a headphone jack with mic so you can plug in and talk to your buddies online when playing.

With a price of $799 in the US the Gigabyte Brix Gaming looks like an affordable entry point into gaming.