Desktop PCs are dull right? Sure, they serve a purpose but with all the svelte looking notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks, incredibooks* and tablets on the market – the plain old desktop, although useful and capable of much more power than its portable pals, often goes unnoticed.

And we're kind of bored of the extreme gaming desktops with their neon lights, sharp edges and futuristic feel – they always look like props from a 1990s' Ridley Scott movie.

But over in Berlin at IFA a desktop did catch our eye, one being hid behind closed doors by German manufacturer Medion - the Akoya X.

It just looks awesome. Simplistic, but awesome - although we think Medion may have missed a trick by not calling it the OXO.


Details on the funky looking desktop were scant, this was a prototype model (that Pocket-lint even managed to break by twisting one of the axis to see if it was hiding any ports - it wasn't) but we were assured that the machine will be hitting the UK this year.

What we did see was a lovely looking soft-key keyboard with a brushed aluminium finish, some solid looking speakers (hinting that this PC may be targeted at your living room) and USB 3.0 connectivity.

Medion, as you may be aware, has recently been gobbled up by Lenovo. We're told by our man at Medion that this doesn’t mean an end to the brand though, with Medion continuing in its own right with a continued focus on consumer products.

We'll keep you updated on release details for the Akoya X, so be sure to check back for updates.

*One of these genres may have been made up by us.