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(Pocket-lint) - Xiaomi, the Chinese company that has ex-Google executive Hugo Barra on its board, is finally ready to release its elusive Mi Notebook onto the market.

It has been long-rumoured, with the most recent speculation suggesting it would appear earlier this year. However, although the company announced plenty of products during Google I/O in May, the Notebook was not one of them.


Some had given up hope of ever seeing the company's first, stylish laptop.

But a new Chinese report, accompanied by an image of the device, claims that it will be released soon; "this summer" in fact.

What's more, from the picture at least, it is set to rival Apple's MacBook, in style and design at least.

Little else is known about the Xiaomi Mi Notebook, save for the fact that it is likely to come in two sizes, one being the 12.5-inch model pictured. And it will run on Windows 10.

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Other than that, the image also comes with the word of warning that it could be a render rather than the real deal, considering the picture resolution is so low. But if that's the case, someone has got too much time on their hands, if you ask us.

Writing by Rik Henderson.