Toshiba, in its IFA2009 press conference, has pledged to cut its CO2 emissions by 120 million tonnes before 2025. The company says that it wants environmental measures to "take a very very strong role" in the company's future.

Consumer electronics plays a larger role in global CO2 emissions than many people realise, because much of the manufacturing process is based in the Far East. Even though your television might have a hard-off power button, saving electricity in your home, it's still been flown or boated across the world from a factory belching pollution into the sky.

Toshiba has partially addressed that problem - saying that it wants to reduce the physical quantity of raw materials in its products - making televisions 30% lighter - and making those materials easy to dispose of.

It's also got the usual bevy of energy saving options on its products - local dimming and the aforementioned hard-off power switches on televisions and eco settings for laptops.

Greenpeace currently ranks Toshiba midrange in its rankings of tech companies - seventh in its list behind competitors like LG, Sony, Philips and Samsung. Perhaps this new announcement will help it move slowly up the list.