Toshiba has added to its range of 2.5-inch internal HDDs with the MKxx65GSX series of 5400 RPM devices which will hit the shelves in the fourth quarter of this year. The light weight units are designed to sit inside notebooks, all-in-one PCs and any other systems where mobility and size are an issue.

These smaller drives reduce power consumption and produce 80% less heat thanks to the 320GB-per-platter design and so should provide greater long term reliability for data storage. They'll come in 640GB, 500GB, 320GB, 250GB and 160GB sizes with the largest capable of holding either 182,000 digital photos, 168,000 digital music files or 520 downloaded digital movies of high-definition video.

Each also come with a free-fall sensor option which protects the disc from the reading needle should it sense a drop. Prices as we get them.