Toshiba has announced pricing for its newly announced Satellite range, albeit only in the US.

The new Satellite L Series, first announced in the UK at the beginning of the month, will come in two guises; the Satellite L500 gets a 15.6-inch TruBrite display, while the L550 features 17.3-inch screen with various options available including the choice of Intel or AMD processors.

Both new models are available from today in the US with both Intel and AMD CPU configurations. The Satellite L500/L505 will starts at an MSRP of $549.991, the Satellite L510/L515 starts at $649.991 and the Satellite L550/L555 starts at $649.991.

Meanwhile the Toshiba Satellite A500 and The Toshiba Satellite U500 will start around $699.99.

The A500 will come with a 16-inch, 16:9, TruBrite, 1366 x 768 resolution display while the U500 will sport a smaller 13-inch screen.

Toshiba's new Satellite range is due to arrive in the UK in July with full specifications (they vary sometimes).

Toshiba is still keeping quiet on UK pricing until nearer the launch, presumably as it tries to work out the fluctuating exchange rate between the dollar, yen and pound.