Toshiba has launched the Portege R500 series - what it is calling the "Ultimate Ultraportable".

Claiming a good few world's something-or-others, according to the info supplied the R500 Series is a "transcendent expression of executive mobility and style".

We're not sure about the transcendent part but the style and mobility is spot on.

"Toshiba’s Portege R500 Series is the world’s thinnest (0.77-inch) notebook series with an integrated optical disk drive; the world’s first notebook to include a 7mm optical drive; the world’s first widescreen 12.1-inch indoor/outdoor transreflective backlit LED screen; and the world’s longest battery life in a widescreen 12.1-inch notebook."

As of July 2007 when the Portege R500 with the solid state drive hits the market, it will also be the world's lightest at 1.72 pounds.

Some of those world's claims did have footnotes attached, so we'd recommend checking full details on the site (link below) before you go calling Norris McWhirter.

STORY UPDATE 21.06.07: Toshiba has announced UK pricing from £1,099 excluding VAT.