Toshiba Storage Device Division Europe today
announced the world's first re-writable HD DVD drive for notebook PCs, the SD-912A.

For business users, the new re-writable drive could be used to back up large volumes of data.

For consumers, Toshiba is angling the SD-912A as the perfect solution for capturing and recording the increasingly available high-definition content from broadcasters across the world.

Single and double layer HD DVD discs offer capacities of 15GB and 30GB respectively. Triple layer HD DVD ROM discs
that will offer capacities up to 51GB are currently in development and will be available in late 2007.

The drive will be backwards compatible with all standard DVD and CD discs.

"Our new drive delivers the perfect combination of high capacity storage, outstanding audio and visual playback and the complete flexibility of the re-writable format", explained Martin Larsson, General Manager, Toshiba
Europe Storage Device Division.

"Notebook users will soon be able to enjoy a truly rich and compelling high-definition video playback experience."

According to Tosh, notebook PCs incorporating the new drive are expected "soon".