Toshiba has launched its Lapjacks service which allows all laptop owners to brighten up their portable poopa with a vinyl cover or design an entirely original, customised cover.

In conjunction with Kesa Design, the website (link at the bottom) allows you to choose from thousands of high quality images from a wide range of categories, including animal images, sporting photos, film and music imagery and more arty graphics-type pictures.

If you can’t find something you like from the selection online then you can upload your own digi photographs or even create an original design and submit it for production.

The designs are then printed onto a high quality adhesive vinyl cover that is engineered to it the exact dimensions of your laptop so although Toshiba is behind this new venture, the products can be produced to fit any laptop make or model.

From a sensible point of view, Lapjacks claim to be an effective way giving some protection for your notebook from scratching and cosmetic damage. The material sticks firmly to the laptop cover, but can also be removed cleanly, and easily reused if required.

£14.99 for pre-stocked imagery seems decidedly reasonable, whilst you arty-types will have to pay £29.99 for customised designs.