Monday saw Toshiba's Tablet PC range get a new facelift with the Portégé M200. The new tablet like previous versions works on Microsoft's tablet PC operating system which has failed to raise excitement even though manufacturers such as Toshiba and HP.

The new model features a 1.6Ghz Intel Centrino-based processor - up from the 1.3Ghz in the earlier Proégé 3500 and includes Bluetooth and Wi-fi as standard. The unit also comes with 256Mb of memory although the unit can accommodate upto 2Gb of memory, a 60Gb hard drive, two USB 2.0 ports, and a Nvidia Geforce Go5200 graphics card. The system will retail for £1,699 (ex. VAT) in the UK. The screen is a 12.1 inch swivel-screen that like other tablets can flip around converting it from a standard laptop into a tablet.

Unlike the 3500, the tablet has an orientation feature (similar to Canon computers) which automatically detects which way up the tablet is and corrects the image accordingly. Further features include a zoom option to view buttons and files clearly. However weighing 2.1kg, this isn't likely to please those who want to save on weight.