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(Pocket-lint) - Toshiba recently announced the Kira L93 which goes on sale in Japan this month. Pocket-lint was able to get a hands-on with this "7-in-1" device at Computex as it's interesting enough to warrant further investigation.

The Kira L93 gets the 7-in-1 moniker from its ability to shift form between notebook, tablet, canvas, desktop, tent, standing and flat mode. It actually has what at first appears to be quite a neat design.

As you can see from the photos the bottom two thirds or so of base (essentially the keyboard) can be detached from the notebook and reattached either way up.

Pocket-linttoshiba kira l93 pictures and hands on image 14

This allows the keyboard to be on the inside when you are in tablet mode, which, given the chiclet keyboard, is a much more pleasant and comfortable experience to hold than other devices which simply fold back flat.

At 13.3 inches it is a tad unwieldy as a tablet - however the smooth back thanks to the reversible keyboard makes it comfortable to hold it in the middle of the back while in tablet mode.

However there is no mechanism to attach the two surfaces when in tablet mode which did lead to an ever so slight gap when picking it up from a flat surface.

The keyboard is detached using a switch under the space bar. Unfortunately we found this to be quite stiff and hard to operate. This is definitely a two-handed operation. Replacing the keyboard presented a similar problem. However, with practice we imagine that you'd get the knack.

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With the keyboard removed, the remaining base can be flipped round to support the screen in standing mode. It can then be used as a desktop or entertainment screen. The resulting balance was good and sturdy enough. The 360 degree hinge also allows the device to be put in tent mode.

There's a pen tucked away in behind the left-hand side of the screen. While the design was discreet we did find that it was a little tricky to remove the pen using only the pad of our fingers, nails did seem necessary to access it easily.

Pocket-linttoshiba kira l93 pictures and hands on image 7

It looks pretty nice with some rounded edges in the right places and is a reasonable weight for a 13.3-inch screen.  It's worth noting that there is no track pad - this function is filled by a mouse nub on the keyboard.

The version we saw was running Windows 8.1 on Core i5 and had 8GB of RAM. However these specs might well change if Toshiba decide to release in Europe.

Overall Toshiba is offering up a different take on the usual hinged all-in-ones on the market which offers more flexibility and a better tablet mode experience.

Writing by Cat Thomas.