Toshiba has launched the X70 gaming laptop. Designed to be powerful enough to run the latest games at max settings, it sports Intel's new Haswell i7 chip and Nvidia's latest GTX770M graphics processor.

The X70 uses a 17.3-inch Full HD LED backlit display for proper 1080p gaming. On top of that, internal specifications include a maximum of 32GB of RAM, a 3TB hard drive or 256GB SSD and Intel's WiDi wireless display technology. 

Connectivity comes from 4 USB 3.0 ports, two of which support Toshiba's sleep and charge. Sound is sorted via a set of Harmon/Kardon speakers and Dolby DTS. 

Naturally the whole thing runs on Windows 8 from the box. It's finished in a rather nice brushed-aluminium and red chrome chassis which is slightly more understated than the typical over the top approach to gaming laptops. The Haswell chip should make it quite a machine for gaming, with the Nvidia GPU providing best in class mobile graphics.

For those interested, the laptop will be going on sale in Q3 starting at £1,499.