While it initially might not seem the most exciting of IFA announcements, the Toshiba FlashAir wireless SDHC card is actually a massively useful piece of kit.

Being able to send images and video straight from camera to social media sites or computer seems to us the next logical step in camera memory. Eye-Fi already makes use of some very similar technology which sees its cards being able to upload pictures to websites like Flickr. 

Indeed Eye-Fi tech actually sounds very similar to the FlashAir, the major difference is that Eye-Fi can only send data, not receive it. Peer to peer transfers mean you can send data between FlashAir cards in separate devices. 

Inside the 8GB FlashAir is functionality that allows you to send photos to and from a server as well as exchange data and images between wireless compliant devices.

Toshiba has further plans for its memory business, planning even more additions to its current memory card setup. 

Expect the first FlashAir cards to make an appearance in shops in February 2012. 

If those cards sound a bit too high-tech for you, the Toshiba has also announced a series of more traditionally SD cards at the show as well.

Toshiba’s latest SDXCX cards have now been increased to achieve a write speed of 45MByte/s and read speed of 95MByte/s. 

Toshiba also has plans for microSDHC cards in 4, 8 and 16GB capacities with a read speed up to 40MB/s and a write speed up to 20MB/s.

In the same period Toshiba is also introducing a 16GB SDHC UHS-I card featuring a read speed up to 95MB/s and a write speed up to 45MB/s.

Like the sound of FlashAir?