If one display for your laptop isn't enough for you then good news - Toshiba has announced the arrival of its Mobile LCD Monitor.

"But what makes the Mobile LCD Monitor mobile?" we hear you cry. Well, the answer lies not with the swanky black vinyl carrying case that comes with it, but because it doesn't require an AC adaptor to power it - it's all done through USB.

That means you can take it out and about with you, and if you're ever in the need of an additional display - perhaps you want to watch a movie in full screen whilst also keeping your eye on Twitter, or you've got an elaborate presentation to show your boss - you can just plug it into one of your laptop's USB ports and away you go.

“The Mobile Monitor allows travelling businesspeople and students to conduct on-the-spot presentations and share content without the need for a bulky projector or having to crowd around a laptop screen,” said Paul Collas, director of accessory marketing at Toshiba America Information Systems.

Costing $199.99, the Toshiba Mobile Monitor has a 1366x768 resolution and weighs just over 1.2kg. It's out now.